How is cancer a stigma to the world’s prosperity?

In the 21st Century, Cancer is among the most dreadful obstacles to the overall health status of the whole world . Although there are many effective treatment modalities for it, still the catastrophe occurring in its advanced stages is inevitable. But there are a huge number of cases of recurrence and failures with allopathic/radiation conventional therapies. So, Cancer and Ayurveda are thoroughly researched together to bring more promising outcomes. Ayurveda is preferably being adopted as the complementary therapy in order to enhance the effect of conventional anticancer therapies and cancer surgery.

In fact, it is one of the huge panic stones in the path of our country’s development for decades. Let’s give a look to the figures of occurrences and fatalities in India because of cancer and failed recoveries from it. Around 1 million in the 1.2 billion population is diagnosed with cancer every year. According to  Indian Council of Medical Research data , nearly 6-7 lacs of people die in India per year. This data is depicting the unacceptable impoverishment and development obstruction the cancer is bringing to our society. The best allopathic management practices for Cancer and Ayurveda together can pave the path for most successful recoveries from cancer.

Cancer and Ayurveda

Ayurveda is based on old known medical scriptures of ancient India. These medical curative practices are based on the medicinal value of various natural herbs and shrubs. Even for Cancer management, Ayurvedic Therapies using plant drug regimes are being proven very effective with negligible toxic side effects associated with chemo drugs. So, cancer and Ayurveda are bought into active cause and effect based studies for strengthening the complementary treatment for cancer. According to Charaka and Sushruta concepts, the failure in compliance of our three body systems i.e. Vata/air (Nervous System), Kapha/water (Arterial system) and Pitta/Fire (Venous system) results in cancer. This Non-compliance of three systems is called “Tridosha”. Tridosha  leads to metabolic malfunctioning consequently causing abnormal cell proliferations/tumors.   

Complementary Treatment Modalities for Cancer

The prime goal of Complementary treatment modalities for Cancer is to reach the root cause of the disease first and plan the treatment therapy accordingly. This involves following Ayurvedic approaches:

  1. Prakriti Sthapana Chikitsa (Maintenance of well being)
  2. Rasayan Chikitsa (Normal function restoration)
  3. Rognashini Chikitsa (Disease Treatment)
  4. Naishthiki Chikitsa (Spiritual Healing)

The science based preparations of various herbal species in apt ratios possess huge capabilities to eliminate cancer. These formulations affect multiple organs together and various biochemical pathways. This mode of action aligns all the body functions and restores normality. Through this, it strengthens the body’s capability to cease malicious cancerous activities inside the body.  

Cancer Palliative Care with Vitamin E Supplements

Even the conventional treatments like radiation therapy, chemotherapy and surgery are not showing 100% success rate in eradicating cancer. There are many predisposing factors which hinder the success of such treatment practices. Moreover, even if its spread stops with these conventional therapies then also there is a huge fear of its recurrence. 

However, allopathic management practices for Cancer and Ayurveda are going hand in hand as per modern anti-cancer therapies to reap best results. Therefore, because of its malignant behavior and high recurrence rate, it is very tedious to fight and eradicate cancer completely. The Tocotrienols, Vitamin E supplements only of natural origin, are the preferred natural medicine for cancer management these days. 

Annatto, Palm, Rice, Wheat germ, Coconut and Cocoa are some of the major Tocotrienol sources in nature. Out of all these, Annatto is the best source of 100% best quality Tocotrienols. This is because of their incredible therapeutic actions on cancer regression. And they possess very strong anticancer properties which prevent the occurrence of cancer. 

Tocotrienols prevent the oxidation of approximately 3.7 trillion cells of our body. Oxidation of cells becomes the cause of most of the chronic pathologies like cancer. Following are some listed causes that enhance cell wall oxidation in our body:

  1. Poor Diet
  2. Smoking
  3. Stress

A number of researches prove that about 90% cell protection is done by Vitamin E from the damaging free radicals. Antioxidants like natural  tocotrienol Vitamin E supplements are a kind of neutralizing agents that act as scavengers to the unstable free radicals.. Now, the question arises here is that do we get enough quality Tocotrienols Vitamin E from our daily diet? The answer is “No”. We make only 2 mg of tocotrienols available to our body from our daily diet which is just 1-2% of the daily requirement. So, supplementation is very much necessary. Tocotrienol Vitamin E Supplements are the therapeutic key to numerous chronic illnesses and pathologies.

Cancer Palliative Care with Vitamin E Supplements especially Tocotrienols is amazingly effective because they possess following attributes:


By neutralizing free radicals on the large scale, Tocotrienols prevent chronic inflammatory conditions which might lead to cancer subsequently.


Angiogenesis is the process of new blood vessels genesis. Tocotrienols by inhibiting angiogenesis, act as cancer blood supply cutters. 


Apoptosis is a process of cell death due to initiation of a natural program of cellular genetic material destruction. The Tocotrienols possess an ability to initiate selective apoptosis in malicious cancer cells. 

Cell Proliferation Inhibition 

The cancer cells possess distinctive characteristics of multiplying by a process called mitosis subsequently increasing the cell count with cancerous genetic material which is a replica of their parent cancer cell’s chromatin material. Tocotrienols cause the suppression of this process incredibly.


It is the distinct tendency of Tocotrienols to enhance the therapeutic capability of the chemo drugs like statins, celecoxib and various dietary nutrients like curcumin, polyphenols and others. Tocotrienols do so by increasing the cell sensitivity for such therapeutic agents.

Cancer Stem cells Elimination 

According to various researches, the Tocotrienols are the highly potent agents which can eliminate even those 1% cancer stem cells which are responsible for the cancer’s most destructive and dangerous characteristic i.e. malignancy. These 1% cancer cells stay unaffected even from chemo drugs and therapeutic radiations. 

Tumor Nutrition Inhibition 

Tocotrienols cause cancer cell starvation by obliterating their nutrition pathway and eliminating various vital nutrients from their required nutrition dosage.