Herbert McLean Evans discovered Vitamin E in 1922 for the first time. But it was initially discovered as a fertility factor. As we go centuries back to the time of ancient Mayans, they used to paint their body with Annatto plant extracts. This is because of the natural cosmetic value of the plant. In fact, annatto was their staple food as they were very much aware of its medicinal miracles.

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Precisely, Vitamin E is nature’s priceless hidden treasure. In nature, Vitamin E exists in two fat soluble forms Tocopherol and Tocotrienol with further four isomeric forms of each i.e., Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta (Figure 1). Earlier, Tocopherol was consumed most commonly because Tocotrienol sources were very rare in nature. But a decade ago, Dr. Barrie Tan, came out with the amazing discovery of Tocotrienol in natural stores like annatto plant, palm and rice. This indeed was a profound achievement towards the antioxidant therapeutic science for the cure of various chronic illnesses. This is because Tocotrienol is proven to be a highly potent antioxidant.

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Antioxidants are indeed the agents that protect cells from the damage caused by free radicals produced in the human body. Free radicals are the molecules that possess an unshared electron and this electron becomes the cause of its huge reactivity. These highly reactive and energetic species rapidly combine with oxygen and form Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS). This process is therefore called oxidation.  ROS are formed inside the human body during the conversion of food into energy. These ROS thereby lead to cell destruction and might cause diseases like cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Here, the role of antioxidants become most important because the antioxidants play a crucial role in neutralizing these ROS. Therefore, being among the class of most potent antioxidants, Vitamin E becomes the first choice for the supplementary antioxidant.  Vitamin E absorbs into the bloodstream from the small intestine. Delta and Gamma Tocotrienol molecules attached to the fatty acids of cell membranes of the body cells. When these molecules encounter free radicals, they release electrons and stabilize the reactivity of free radicals. Thereby resists them from damaging the cell walls of the body cells. This consequently delays cell ageing and increases cell life.


  1. Anticancer effects

Evidently, out of eight forms, Vitamin E  exhibits its best properties like anticancer properties in Delta Tocotrienol form. In this form it inhibits the nourishment of malicious cancerous cells by causing certain enzyme activity reduction. These are the enzymes which cause cholesterol synthesis in tumor cells. Mode of action: The oxidative stress caused by free radicals, and harmful radiations induce DNA damage of the tissues. This leads to cancerous alterations in the cell’s genetic material of those cells. Therefore, consequent uncontrolled proliferation of these genetically altered cells becomes the major cause behind cancer in the subjects. The Tocotrienol reduces the damaging effect of free radicals and radiations on the normal cells.

Tocotrienol exhibits chemosensitization and antiproliferative effects by:

  1. Inhibiting proteins that induce the cell cycle, and arresting cell growth and differentiation of tumor cells.
  2. Suppressing key cancer promoting protein function.
  3. Inducing apoptosis (programmed cell death) of tumor cells.
  4. Prevent the conversion of normal cells into the cancerous ones.
  5. Upregulating of Tumor suppressor gene and thereby decreasing the genetic capability of tumorigenesis (synthesis of tumor cells). This is  chemoprevention.
  6. Obliterating blood supply and nutrition of cancer cells leading to cancer cell starvation.
  7. By trapping free radicals which cause mutations in DNA and cellular malignant transformations. 
  8. Enhancing immune stimulatory agents and  promoting tumor cell-mediated immunity. 
  9. Prevention of breast cell  tumorigenesis (synthesis of tumor cells).
  10. Depicting anti-invasion and chemosensitization in normal human cells
  11. Hindering cell-cycle signaling pathway of tumor cells.
  12. Helping in better working of chemo drugs especially in resistant and recurrent tumors by sensitizing the cancerous cells to the chemo drugs.
  13. Exhibiting radioprotective and radiosensitizer characteristics towards the damage caused by radiation therapy. 
  14. Eliminating cancer stem cells having multi-lineage and self-renewal potential.
  15. Inhibition of cellular invasion and migration thereby preventing exaggeration of the malignancy.

Acting as Adjuvant Anticancer Therapy like Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy along with surgery.

Other Benefits 

  1. Its natural source i.e. Annatto Plant and solvent free method of extraction from the source makes it 100% Organic  Natural Vitamin E tocotrienol supplements.
  2. The free radicals perhaps are responsible for the accelerated ageing process. By stabilizing the reactivity of free radicals, it retards the ageing and increases cell life. In this manner Vitamin E Tocotreinol benefits the skin.
  3. It inhibits the cholesterol synthesizing enzymes. Further, it  prevents fat oxidation and promotes declination of bad cholesterol (Low Density Cholesterol) by 20% enhancing cardio-vascular health. So, Vitamin E Tocotrienol For Cardiovascular Health is a felicity.
  4. It is indeed the best Vitamin E for the Immune System, as it aids faster wound healing and repair.
  5. Tocotrienol also helps in inhibiting cataract progression.
  6. It helps in maintaining a healthy liver.

Tocotrienol also slows down the bone decalcification process in post-menopausal females.



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