The answer to “Is Tocotrienols Good for the Liver?” is absolutely YES. Liver is one of the vital organs of the body. Its Health becomes the matter of utmost importance if it comes to healthy living. Our lifestyle and eatery habits primarily decide how healthy your liver will be. The knowledge of Vitamins and Nutrients is flourishing day by day among people. So, we can see that most of the people are opting for vitamin based therapies for curing various diseases they are suffering from. Same goes for major Liver issues like Liver Cancer and Fatty Liver. Vitamin E supplements with Tocotrienols are gaining interest of a lot of people these days who want a perfect Vitamin Therapy for their best Liver Health. This is because of the amazing & outstanding therapeutic properties of Tocotrienols.

Inferences drawn from the researches done on the role of Tocotrienols on Cancer regression

Cancer is one of the most dangerous, incurable and life threatening diseases of the era. In fact, it is one of the huge panic stones in the path of a country’s development for decades. Indian Council of Medical Research data says that around 78000 Indians die of cancer every year. Even treatments like radiation therapy, chemotherapy and surgery are not showing 100% success rate in eradicating cancer. There are many predisposing factors which hinder the success of such treatment practices. Moreover, even if it gets obliterated also then there is a huge fear of its recurrence. Therefore, because of its malignant behavior and high recurrence rate, it is very tedious to fight and eradicate cancer completely. The Tocorienols have remained under study for their therapeutic actions on cancer regression. And it has been proven that they possess highly strong anticancer properties. 

Tocotrienols Checkmate Liver Cancer

Tocotrienols can be your best buddy if you want to vanquish Liver cancer and live a life free from it. Liver cancer is also called Hepato-Cellular Carcinoma (HCC). Data incurred from a study reveals that 0.7-7.5 men and 0.2-2.2 women per 100,000 people are battling with liver cancer in India. The male: female ratio is 4:1 which displays male preponderance in the Indian population. Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai, the big tech cities of India, have shown significant rise in liver cancer case registries in the last two decades. This clearly reveals that the changing lifestyles and eatery habits are inviting such diseases. The discovery of Annatto based Vitamin E supplements has come up very promisingly to help people in coping with Liver Cancer management with better outcomes. A study namely “Gamma-Tocotrienol treatment increased peroxiredoxin-4 expression in HepG2 liver cancer cell line” proves that the Gamma Tocotrienols put a strong and selective inhibitory effect on cell proliferative activities in liver cancer tissues.        

Tocotrienols Aid In Unclogging Liver From Fat Accumulates

Many studies indicate that liver malfunctioning begins when fat accumulation reaches to 5% in liver tissues. This disease is named as Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD). Further fat deposition and inflammation may lead to a fatal condition i.e. Liver Cirrhosis. In India, the prevalence range of NAFLD is from 9% to 32%. 

Some clinical trials were done in which Tocotrienol in measured doses was administered to NAFLD patients. And it was seen that it successfully led to reduction in liver fat, inflammation and liver enzymes. The trial patients even reported a happy weight loss of around 10lbs.  

Although curing NAFLD is not an easy mission, Tocotrienols along with proper diet and exercise can bring promising outcomes. Moreover, Vitamin E is a vitamin of recommendation in NAFLD.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Amazing Attributes of Tocotrienols

Tocotrienols produce anti-inflammatory response in liver cells, thereby preventing occurrence of subsequent liver cancer by diminishing C-reactive protein (CRP) levels, a salient inflammatory marker.

Angiogenesis is a joint of two words i.e. angio (blood vessels) and genesis (origin). Therefore, by suppressing the blood supply of cancerous cells, Tocotrienols strongly inhibit tumor growth in the liver. Gamma Tocotrienols prevent the angiogenesis and cancer survival by blocking a critical pathway which activates the above mentioned processes. 

Apoptosis can also be called as cell suicide. It has been seen that Gamma Tocotrienols selectively increase the apoptotic tendency of cancer cells in HCC by performing various activities that inhibit & obstruct cancer triggering pathways.

Cell Proliferation is a malfunctioning of cancerous cells causing cancer spread by producing more cells with copied miscreant genetic material. Delta Tocotrienols maximally inhibit such proliferation in HCC. Even other Tocotrienol isoforms show excellent anti-proliferative activity.

It possesses excellent characteristics of preventing the cancerous alterations of genetic material of the cells under huge risk of getting affected with cancer, thereby, promoting chemoprevention and anti-tumor cell capabilities.

Hepatocarcinogenesis is the process of transformation of normal liver cells to malicious cancerous cells. In an experiment, it was seen that hepatocarcinogenesis induced in rats, was attenuated by its administration.

An experimental study revealed that Delta and Gamma Tocotrienols tend to inhibit HCC spread in mouse xenografts.

Gamma Tocotrienols administration in HCC also optimizes raised lipid levels. This action is also responsible for subsequent anti-cancer activity.

Tocotrienols over Tocopherols

Several studies have revealed that Tocopherols have tendency to weaken its effects by hindering its functions leading to attenuation of cancer spread inhibition, debilitating its absorption and adipose storage, and weakening its cholesterol lowering effect.

They have a tendency to guard and benefit a larger target area because of its smaller tail structure and low molecular weight.

Its molecules have shorter tails and lower molecular weight as compared to the Tocopherol molecules because of which its molecules show higher motility leading to its better and enhanced effects.

Various researches have proven that Tocotrienols display a way better anti-cancer attributes than Tocopherols. But lack of explorative sight left  it as an underrated gem of Vitamin E. In fact only 3% research has been focused on Tocotrienols out whole Vitamin E research till date and the main focus of researchers have remained on Alpha-Tocopherols.