What is Stage 4 Cancer of Lungs?

Cancer of Lungs the second most detected cancer after Breast Cancer. The National Cancer Institute’s study says that around 57% diagnosed lung Cancer is of Stage 4. Its detection at such a later stage increases the rate of its treatment failure and poor recovery.

Cancer of Lungs originates when there starts the suspicious and uncontrolled proliferative activities in the Lung tissue. Such cells undergo malicious transformation because of genetic alterations. The etiology of such genetic alteration is still unknown and controversial. Following are the changes that cells with genetic alteration display:

  1. Uncontrolled Cell Divisions because of self acquired growth signaling pathways
  2. Lack of sensitivity the normal body signals of growth signals
  3. Loss of self destruction mode (Apoptosis) which prevents mischievous cells to destroy themselves in case of unwanted genetic alterations
  4. Exceptionally acquired capability to develop their own blood delivery system to draw blood for them
  5. Acquire capability to migrate from place of origin to other parts of the body and induce invasion of normal cells. 
  6. Ability to colonize in the whole organ after migration
  7. Show unorganized behavior and arrangement and poor differentiation
  8. Loss of all the normal morphological and functional features

When it comes to causes of cancer and genetic alterations of the normal cells, these are the continuous mutations. These mutations are because of certain external and internal factors. These factors induce a pathway that leads to destructive progression of the cancer. The progression of the disorder takes place in the following manner.

What are the Stage 4 Lung Cancer Symptoms and signs?

The stage 4 Lung Cancer progresses in further two sub stage which are:

  1. Stage 4a: In this stage, cancer spreads only in the lung complex involving two lungs and pleura (lung lining) or the closer regions.
  2. Stage 4b: In this stage, cancer spreads to multiple regions of the body involving the organs lying away from lungs.

There is association of Cancer of Lungs especially of stage 4 with severe signs and symptoms which become fatal and reason for life loss as the disease progresses. These signs and symptoms of Stage 4a are discussed below:

  1. Pain in chest which experienced frequently while laughing, deep breathing and coughing
  2. Breathing difficulty
  3. Severe and persistent cough with pain and bleeding i.e. hemoptysis
  4. Body Fatigue
  5. Emotional Distress
  6. Hoarseness of voice
  7. Wheezing
  8. Increased episodes of infections like Bronchitis and Pneumonia
  9. Excessive and unwanted loss in weight

The signs and symptoms of Stage 4b which occur along with  Stage 4a symptoms are discussed below:

  1. Overall body weakness and limb numbness
  2. Lymph Node swelling
  3. Bone pain especially in hip and back ares
  4. Seizure issues along with headaches, loss of postural balance and dizziness  if it reaches brain
  5. Jaundice in case of liver invasion

What are the risk factors associated with Cancer of Lungs?

There are many risk factors which show a huge association with Stage 4 Cancer of Lungs. These are as follows:

Smoking or tobacco consumption increases one’s susceptibility to small cell lung cancer which rarely occurs in non-smokers. Moreover, the methanol smoking and marijuana smoking increases such susceptibility a way higher.

 The air pollutants in the air have huge potential to increase the occurrence of lung cancer in its inhalers. Moreover, some researches prove that around 5% deaths among the lung cancer patients are due to air pollution.

Randon is a radioactive gas of natural origin and causes uranium breakdown in nature. Scientists have found that this gas potentially increases the body’s susceptibility to lung cancer on inhalation. On the other hand, asbestos increases risk of lung cancer in the individuals who get its exposure.

A study which was conducted in some areas of South America and South East Asia with high levels of Arsenic in water. It, therefore, says that individuals living in such areas are more prone to lung cancer. 

People who have the history of radiation therapy for mastectomy or Hodgkin Disease have probable chances of Lung Cancer in the future.

What are the Treatment modalities of Stage 4 Cancer of Lungs?

There are various treatment modalities for lung cancer in today’s scenario. But the success rate and the recovery rate are unpredictable and uncertain with all the modalities especially in the advanced stage cancers like Stage 4 Cancer of Lungs. Following are those modalities:

It means removing the etiological factors which may cause cancer from routine living. It may include quitting smoking. Adopting a healthy lifestyle like balanced dietary habits, healthy sleep routines and regular exercising.

In this therapy,  X-rays or radioactive agents kill the malicious cancer cells.

In this the unwanted drug reactions causing cell death selectively kill cancer cells. This consequently regresses the cancer growth. 

In this, the specialists do surgical procedures to remove the tissue lumps of cancer cells.

In the palliative therapies the symptomatic relief is given to the cancer patients. In this, symptomatic relief is given for associated pain, shortness of breath, infections like pneumonia and bronchitis, voice hoarseness and emotional distress  either via drugs or supplements.  

This therapy can either be given alone or along with conventional anti-cancer therapies like radiation therapy, chemotherapy and surgery. In this, certain drugs are given to the patient which target specific pathways and enzyme modules of cancer cells and interfere with their functioning. 

It is the set of therapies for cancer patients in order to enhance the various body immune responses to fight and kill cancer. 

Alternative Treatment with Vitamin E Supplements

Most people are preferring natural ways to overcome any disease, even cancer. Moreover, supplements bring better success rates along with the conventional therapies as adjunct therapy. For this purpose, Vitamin E supplements especially Tocotrienol based ones can serve the best. This is because the Tocotrienol are underrated and unappreciated but possess enormous potential against cancer. It has natural capabilities to:

  1. Induce cancer cell Self destructive programs
  2. Promote Chemosensitization
  3. Inhibit Cancer cell proliferation
  4. Block blood supply and ultimately nourishment for cancer tissues

Evidently, there are many Tocotrienol based Vitamin E supplements which can serve the best purpose of dealing with cancer with supplemental therapy like Eannatto 125mg. Such supplements are the  best natural pathways to manage cancer with supplements.