Antioxidants like Vitamin E supplements are kind of neutralizing agents that act as scavengers to the unstable free radicals. They trap and prevent these free radicals from making bonds with the cell membrane phospholipids, thereby preventing the cell wall damage. They act as the first line of defence to prevent lipid peroxidation. Hence, diminish the oxidative stress. They are also known to alter the order of cell membrane’s lipid packaging into a tighter rearrangement providing better stability and protection to the cells from scavenging free radicals. Moreover, antioxidants act as protective shield against the damaging effects of peroxyl free radicals on the DNA. The antioxidants also play a therapeutic role in controlling hyperlipidemia and carotid stenosis. 

What is Vitamin E and it’s Sub Forms? 

In nature, Vitamin E exists in two fat soluble forms Tocopherols and Tocotrienols. Each form has further four isoforms i.e. Alpha/Beta/Gamma/Delta. Earlier, Tocopherol was consumed most commonly because Tocotrienol sources were very rare in nature. Studies claim that the Tocotrienol is the best form of Vitamin E because of its molecular size.  

Vitamin E prevents the oxidation of trillions of cells in our body. Oxidation of cells becomes the cause of most of the chronic pathologies and ageing issues. Following are some listed causes that enhance cell wall oxidation in our body: 

A number of researches have proven that Vitamin E does about 90% cell shielding. Now, the question arises here is that do we get enough quality Tocotrienols from our daily diet? Definitely Not. We make only 2 mg of tocotrienols available to our body from our daily diet which is just 1-2% of the daily requirement. So, supplementation has proved to be very much necessary. Tocotrienol is the therapeutic solution to various chronic illnesses and pathologies.  

Why Tocotrienols Form Therapeutically Advanced Vitamin E Supplements? 

The Tocotrienol molecule is smaller than that of the Tocopherol molecule. This factor increases the mobility of Tocotrienol molecules thereby increasing its bioavailability to the cells, hence maximizing its absorption rate into the target areas. In this way, the Tocotrienol molecules can cover larger target areas than Tocopherol molecules. This makes Tocopherols Vitamin E supplement an inferior choice for Vitamin E supplementation. Although Tocotrienol possesses exceptional curing & therapeutic capabilities its rarity in nature made it less available to people. Years back, Dr. Barrie Tan, came out with a revolutionary and wonder struck discovery of Tocotrienols in natural stores like annatto plant, palm and rice. It was a profound achievement towards the antioxidant therapeutic science for the cure of various chronic illnesses, as Tocotrienols are proven to have high potential for antioxidant activity. 

Why is Annatto the Best Tocotrienol Source for Vitamin E Supplements? 

Discovery of Tocotrienols has left ageing as an outdated concept by introducing the world with its extraordinary antioxidant properties.  Ageing is an uncontrolled depletion of cell walls of body cells by damaging free radicals released in the body. Because of which the people lose their physical youth a way earlier. But now the scenario has evolved. One can preserve his/her youth using  Vitamin E supplements.  

If we go centuries back to the time of ancient Mayans, they used to paint their body with Annatto plant extracts because of the natural cosmetic value of the plant. Moreover, it was used as staple food as well as to treat many ailments too because they very well had the knowledge of its medicinal value. Vitamin E Tocotrienol is used for skin benefits because it possesses super amazing antioxidant properties which prevent the cell wall damage caused by free radicals produced in our own body and preserves youthfulness. 

One must go for those Vitamin E Supplements where the Annatto plant is chosen as the source. Thi is because it is the biggest storehouse of 100% pure Tocotrienols known till date. Moreover, the Annatto plant has the highest concentration of the Delta form of Tocotrienol. Many researchers suggest that the Delta Tocotrienols presents more enhanced characteristics like bioavailability and assimilation than its other isomeric forms. Moreover, Delta Tocotrienols display way better anti-cancer and anti-cholesterogenic properties. 

7 Best Vitamin E Supplements for 2022 

Being the Tocotrienol based Natural and pure Vitamin E Supplement sourced from Annatto, Eannatto Delta Gold Tocotrienols can serve the best among rest. It contains 90% Delta Tocotrienols and 10% Gamma Tocotrienols. One must go for this very option if he/she is looking for Vitamin E with anti-cancer benefits, best effectiveness and antioxidant activity. Moreover, it is available in soft gel capsule form which prevents its deterioration even after exposure to light and air. 

This Tocopherol based supplementary product contains Tocopherol acetate with added soybean oil. Its best feature is that it allows high dose intake upto 1000mg of Vitamin E safely in a single day. But still must go for an expert consultation before its use. This product is artificially synthesized in labs. 

This supplement is made from naturally rich fruits and vegetables along with more Vitamins like A, D & K. It serves 833% DV per serving of Vitamin E. The only limitation is that it contains fat-soluble vitamins and may cause fat deposition in your tissues. 

It is rapeseed oil and sunflower oil based Vitamin E Supplement and serves 1787% DV per serving. 

Being chewable, it is the desired option for Vitamin E supplementation for kids. It serves 100% DV per serving. 

It is a soybean oil based Vitamin E supplement and can serve 1333% DV. It is Vitamin E from natural sources. 

It is sunflower oil and flaxseed oil based Vitamin E and contains 1333% of the DV.