Health benefits

Tocotrienols can offer a variety of health benefits That includes

Brain Health:

Tocotrienols, in addition to a healthy lifestyle, promote better brain health.

Logic Behind it– Tocotrienols fight inflammatory factors that are related to brain health problems. Also, its antioxidant properties fight brain-damaging free radicals. Hence giving its contribution to brain health.

The study conducted at the Karolinska Institute showed that higher levels of vitamin E tocopherols and tocotrienols in elderly subjects were associated with a lower risk of cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease

Cancer and Tocotrienols

Breathtaking benefits of tocotrienols (Gamma and Delta Tocotrienols) were shown to slow down the effects of cancer, in some cases prevent cancer along with proper medications and diet. They also show a promising reduction of blood clots and consistent anti-tumor properties.

Logic Behind it: Tocotrienols reduce the activity of HMG-CoAR (an enzyme catalyst of biosynthesis of cholesterol) inside the cancer cells inhibiting the growth of cancer cells by stopping their feeding on cholesterol

Cell Health:

Trillions of cells in the body, function tirelessly to make us live. Cell functionalities tend to decrease when the cells age and in time leading to cell death. Free radicals in turn accelerate cell ageing. Tocotrienols can delay cell ageing by acting against the free radicals imparting extended life to cells.

Logic Behind it: Antioxidant properties

Cardiovascular Health and Cholesterol levels in check

Tocotrienols along with other healthy food supplements give a greater hand in maintaining heart wellness. Tocotrienols to some extent help to keep cholesterol level in check.

The Logic behind it: The structure of tocotrienols stops the activity of the enzyme controls the production of cholesterol, hinders the oxidation of fat, and quells heart well inflammation.

Reverses Metabolic and Liver Maladies

Fatty liver issues intrude in the more than 500 essential functions performed by the liver one by one. Clinical trials made and even many papers presented on the health effects of tocotrienols on fatty livers. It reduces inflammation and potent antioxidant properties reduce liver injury.

Strong and Healthy Bones

In many studies, delta and gamma-tocotrienols have already shown promise for strengthening bones, including bones in post-menopausal women with osteopenia.

Eye Health

The onset of cataract is fastened by oxidative stress and nitrosative stress to the lenses due to the exposure of environmental oxidants. Delta-tocotrienol helps to reduce these stresses and helps to delay cataract onset and reduces its intensity.

Studies revealed eye drop formulation with 0.03% tocotrienols halted the cataract progression along with the treatment.

Immune system

Rather than using tocotrienol or antibiotic alone for infections. Using the combination of both fetched efficient results. It also aids in wound repairing of immune system formulators. On synergizing with Vitamin C- Delta tocotrienols exhibited increased healing powers.

Skin benefits:

As a strong radiation inhibitor, it protects the skin from environmental and cellular damage. Imparts a healthy glow to the skin by reducing the free radical generation. Applied orally or topically, tocotrienols have been found to reduce hyperpigmentation, repair skin damage, heal wounds, protect from light exposure, and suppress skin cancer.



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