Vitamin E exists in two analogous forms i.e. Tocotrienols and Tocopherols with four sub forms (Alpha, Beta, Gamma & Delta) of each. Tocotrienol is an underrated but most potent form of Vitamin E which is very rarely available in the natural storehouses of Vitamin E. It is among the best antioxidants known till date with outstanding anti-cancer properties. It has extra-ordinary capability of fetching and countervailing unstable free radicals which are present inaccessibly close to the cell walls. In nature, Vitamin E exists in two fat soluble forms Tocopherols and Tocotrienols.

Scientific Advances in Field of Therapeutic Vitamin E

Earlier, Tocopherol was consumed most commonly because Tocotrienol sources were very rare in nature. But a decade ago, Dr. Barrie Tan, came out with a dumbfounding and wonder struck discovery of Tocotrienols in natural stores like annatto plant, palm and rice, which was a profound achievement towards the antioxidant therapeutic science for the cure of various chronic illnesses, as Tocotrienols are the proven highly potent antioxidants. It was seen that the Annatto fruit pod seeds are the incredibly rich Tocotrienol packets containing 90% Delta Tocotrienols and 10 % Gamma tocotrienols. Specifically Delta Tocotrienols possess the huge therapeutic potential which is incomparable to any other isoform of Tocotrienol. It is Eannatto’s distinct feature that it does not contain Alpha Tocopherols which possess inferior therapeutic attributes and also interfere with efficient assimilation and bioavailability of Tocotrienols.

What are the amazing benefits of Tocotrienols?

The Vitamin E family has two known broader divisions namely Tocotrienols and Tocopherols. Recently, it was discovered that Tocotrienols perform therapeutically far better than Tocopherols. The efficiency of Tocopherols is compromised because of its less evolved and shorter molecular tail structure than Tocotrienol molecules. This is the reason; Tocopherol molecules lack the ability to reach as close to the cell walls as Tocotrienols molecules can reach. Lets have an insight into the therapeutic action of Tocotrienols.

Mode of action

The oxidative stress caused by free radicals, and harmful radiations induce DNA damage of the tissues. This leads to chromosomal alterations thereby causing cancerous mutations in the cells. Therefore, consequent uncontrolled proliferation of these mutated cells becomes the major cause behind cancer in the subjects.

Therapeutic Benefits

Tocotrienol is the therapeutic key to numerous chronic illnesses and pathologies. Various researches have been conducted which brought out the following enlisted therapeutic benefits of Tocotrienols:

1No synthetic preparations available, 100% NaturalAvailable in synthetic preparations also
2Chemical structure supports: ­anti-cancer ­brain cell protective ­anti-atherosclerotic ­cholestrogenic inhibitory propertiesChemical structure masks such biological characteristics
3Unsaturated hydrocarbon chain ® ­tissue penetration (esp. brain, liver, etc.)Absence of unsaturated hydrocarbon chain
4Shorter molecular tail structure & lower molecular weight               ­velocity                         ­tissue coverageBig molecular tail structure & higher molecular weight               ¯velocity                    ¯tissue coverage
540-60 times higher antioxidant activityPoorer antioxidant activity
6More suppressive on breast cancer growthLess suppressive on breast cancer growth
7Prevent neurotoxic insults after strokeIncapable in preventing neurotoxic insults after stroke
8In equimolar quantities: ­absorption ­assimilation  ­bioavailabilityIn equimolar quantities: absorption assimilation  bioavailability
9Are Isoprenoids. Better protect cells in moderate heat stress (approx. 40o C)Not Isoprenoids.
10Underrated Vitamin E formOverrated Vitamin E form
11Not present in a regular diet. Supplementation is necessaryAlready present in regular diet. Supplementation is futile
12Do not interfere with Tocopherol functioning.Interfere with key Tocotrienol functions.

Role of Dr. Barrie in the discovery of Annatto Tocotrienols

As we go centuries back to the time of ancient Mayans, they used to paint their body with Annatto plant extracts because of the natural cosmetic value of the plant. In fact, annatto was their staple food as they were very much aware of its medicinal miracles. The Barrie Tan’s cognizance of huge antioxidant capabilities of the orange colored byproduct produced in his amigo’s palm oil manufacturing unit, led to the discovery of natural storehouses of Tocotrienol like palm, rice and annatto. After huge research, he found that Annatto is the most potent source of the purest form of Vitamin E as it contains maximum concentration of Delta Tocotrienols.  It has been proven that the Delta Tocotrienol has the maximum bioavailability among all the eight isoforms. This led to the basis for the synthesis of 100% Natural Vitamin E Tocotrienols supplements.

Sources of Tocotrienols

Following are some major natural Tocotrienol sources:

Out of all the above Annatto is supposed to be the Tocotrienol source with best anti-cancer capabilities.

How are Tocotrienols therapeutically superior to Tocopherols?

Tocotrienols possess following extraordinary characteristics that are not shared by Tocopherols: