Know  Stage 4 Lung Cancer more

The Cancer itself says  “CAN” “Cease” with “Efforts” but not “Regrets”. Stage 4 Lung Cancer is the most  advanced and complicated stage of lung cancer which has a tendency even to affect other organs of the body also. Lung cancer is caused by uncontrolled cell divisions in lung tissues leading to various fatal respiratory complications. It is also called Lung Carcinoma. 

It is one of the common cancer forms prevailing in India which also accounts for the maximum cancer linked fatalities. In India, 6.9% of new cancer registries and 9.3% of all cancer related mortalities are specifically of Lung cancer. Recent survey reports say that Mizoram is the state with the highest Lung cancer case registries. Even the big fat cities like Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore have shown a significant upsurge in Lung Cancer case registries. Although, there are many treatment therapies available for Lung cancer cure like radiation therapy, chemotherapy and surgical therapy, but all have failed pathetically in completely eradicating lung cancer because of its huge recurrence rate. 

The horror of any cancer lies in its metastatic tendencies. The metastasis is travelling of cancer cells from its origin to other parts of the body in order to spread it. The Stage 4 Lung Cancer possesses huge metastatic tendencies which makes it more life threatening. 

Health Complications of  Stage 4 Lung Cancer

The lung cancer of this advanced stage presents horrible complications like:

  1. Extreme coughing
  2. Blood spitting along with coughing: This is called hemoptysis. The blood is associated with coughing because of the tissue injury due to cancer invasion.
  3. Breath shortness: If cancer grows and obstructs the airways, then it consequently leads to shortness in breath. Moreover, there are the chances that there can occur fluid accumulation in the lungs. This fluid prevents the proper lung inflation on inhalation of air.
  4. Pain in chest: The lung cancer when enlarged puts pressure on various tissue linings and bones which may result in associated pain.
  5. Cancer Metastasis: Lung cancer can spread in the whole body especially causing invasion of brain and bones. 
  6. Hoarseness in voice
  7. Extreme weight loss
  8. Headache
  9. Pain in bones and joints

One must contact the concerned doctor if such signs and symptoms persist.

Alternative/Palliative Care for  Stage 4 Lung Cancer

There is association of huge mental and physical disguise with Stage 4 Lung Cancer Treatments like chemotherapy, radiation therapy and traumatic surgeries. Moreover, the degenerative, traumatic and toxic drug based side effect of these conventional cancer treatment modalities results in cursed life ahead. 

So, nowadays, the world is heading for Alternative/Palliative Care that results in negligible side effects. An alternative care with Vitamin E supplements is showing very promising success rate. If these therapies are initiated complimentary to the conventional therapies, then the results are outstanding even in the case of Stage 4 Lung Cancer.

Management of  Stage 4 Lung Cancer with Vitamin E Supplements

Vitamin E naturally exists in two forms that are Tocotreinol and Tocopherol. Tocotrienol is one of its forms which is undoubtedly underrated as it possesses exceptional anti-cancer attributes which are unknown to the world.  This has moved researchers towards Tocotrienols for lung cancer management.Tocotrienol is a revolutionary discovery in the world of therapeutic Vitamin E supplements because of its uniqueness in purity and rarity in natural availability. Many researches on Vitamin E have suggested that Tocotrienols are a better source of vitamin E than Tocopherols. This is because of the structural difference between the two. Tocotrienol molecules have shorter tails than Tocopherol molecules which make them more motile and improve their binding tendency towards the damaging free radicals. The antioxidant capability of Tocotrienols is 50 times better than that of the Tocopherols. Moreover, tocotrienols have a way better bioavailability towards the tissues than the Tocopherol Vitamin E supplements.

There are two Lung cancer types i.e. Small Cell Lung Carcinoma (SCLC) and Non-Small Cell Lung Carcinoma (NSCLC). The Tocotrienol Vitamin E has further four subforms i.e. Alpha, beta, gamma and delta. According to a study, Delta Tocotrienols very effectively suppress SCLC type of lung cancer invasion in lung tissues and its further metastatic spread. However, there is much evidence supporting its therapeutic effect in NCLC. 

The Tocotrienols which are extracted from beans of Annatto plant are 90% Delta Tocotrienols. Therefore Annatto is the source of the best Vitamin E which has superb natural anti-cancer potential. There are various natural Annatto based Vitamin E Supplements available in the market like Eannatto 125 mg which can help in natural cancer management.

Tocotrienol’s Therapeutic Excellence

Lightens Oxidative burden

The Tocotrienols have a huge tendency of scavenging miscreant free radicals to protect lung cells thereby preventing subsequent development of lung cancer.

Clogs the nutrition of cancer cells

Angiogenesis is the process of maintaining blood supply of a region by forming new blood vessels. By cutting the blood supply of the lung cancer cells and inhibiting angiogenesis in the affected area, Tocotrienols very effectively cause tumor cell starvation, ultimately causing cancer cell death.

Programs cancer cell death

Apoptosis is the program of cell suicide. All Tocotrienol isoforms possess the tendency to activate cascade of apoptosis in lung cancer cells.

Shunts Cancer Growth

The cancer cells undergo multiple mitotic divisions to replicate their cancer transformed DNA into their daughter cells. This process is cancer cell proliferation. Delta Tocotrienols especially inhibit cell proliferative activities in lung cancer cells.

Prevents cancerous transformation of Cancer cells 

Chemoprevention is a unique attribute of Tocotrienols especially its Delta form which prevents cancerous transformation of the normal cells which are under the high risk of getting cancerous.

Efficiently manages Hypoxia (low blood oxygen)

Lets not Give up for Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer of Stage 4 is a state of lost hopes for most of the individuals suffering from cancer. But it is a fact that nature has exceptional curative capabilities enclosed in its lap. This mother nature has presented many natural cancer killing agents like Tocotrienol form of Vitamin E. Supplement therapy to fight cancer is a new and better face of healthcare which offers only health and cure not side effects.