Regular Vitamin E supplements commonly available in the Indian health stores are Tocopherols not Tocotrienols. In fact, according to over 100 research studies and clinical trials, USFDA approved Natural Vitamin E Tocotrienols supplements in India of Annatto origin, available with global brand name “Eannatto”, display way superior therapeutic advantages over Tocopherol Vitamin E supplements with negligible side effects. This is because of the Tocotrienol’s supremacy in bioavailability for tissues over Tocopherols. Vitamin E Tocotrienols show excellence in neuroprotection, liver protection, inflammation reduction, cholesterol synthesis inhibition, fighting cancer, cardiovascular health enhancement and so on in a far better manner over any other form of Vitamin E.

How Tocotrienols can be beneficial to the health of humans?

Our body produces free radicals as the byproduct during the oxidation of lipids to produce energy for the body functions. These unstable free radicals bind to the fatty acids of cell walls of various body cells and in turn lead to the cell wall damage. Such mass damage leads to increase in oxidative stress. Here, antioxidants come to play in order to bind to free radicals and prevent them from binding to cell walls and thereby increase the cell health and cell repair, thus protecting the body from various illnesses and pathologic conditions. Tocotrienol is the therapeutic key to numerous chronic illnesses and pathologies.


Delta Gold ® Tocotrienol, an Eannatto Tocotrienol formula, is Annatto sourced Vitamin E supplement. It is composed of 90 % Delta Gold Tocotrienols and 10% Gamma Tocotrienols. Unlike other commonly available Vitamin E supplements in India, Eannatto supplements are not extracted from palm or rice bran oil (poor sources). They are extracted using solvent free extraction method from Annatto beans. Annatto is an Amazonian plant found in South America and is the richest source of Tocotrienol form of Vitamin E. Eannatto Delta Gold Tocotrienols are absolutely Tocopherol free. This characteristic feature allows the best assimilation and tremendous supplement bioavailability because Tocopherols possess poorer bioavailability and hinder the supplement assimilation in the body, especially Alpha Tocopherols. We, The Eannatto, deal in Kosher and Halal friendly Tocotrienols. In addition to this, our Tocotrienols are absolutely natural and free of any kind of Allergens, fillers, Gluten or Soy.


It is to be highlighted here that Eannatto Deltagold Tocotrienol should be avoided within six hours of consuming any d-alpha Tocopherol Vitamin E supplement. This is because many studies indicate that d-alpha Tocopherol may intervene badly in the therapeutic programme of Tocotrienols. For the best results, consume Eannatto Deltagold Tocotrienol as sole Vitamin E supplement.


What are tocotrienols good for? Various researches have been performed which acknowledged the following enlisted hidden therapeutic benefits of Tocotrienols:

Side Effects

An inference has been drawn from a study done by Dr. Qureshi that no side effects have been observed on the consumption of Tocotrienols even up to the dose of 3200mg/day. Although above mentioned dose is beyond our recommendation as we recommend dosage without any knowledge of your present and past medical conditions. So, better consult the physician before consumption for better outcomes. Moreover, Tocotrienol consumption should be avoided with Tocopherols as it may lead to Contact Dermatitis.

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Since, the information available on the Tocotrienol’s side effects in pregnancy is very scanty. So, we do not advice its usage during the gestation period. Moreover, it is advised to consult the physician for its best dosage, directions and information.


The consumer’s present and past health status, age, and prevailing/cured medical conditions are the various factors that affect the dosage recommendations. For anticancer results 200-900mg/day Tocotrienol dosage is recommended as per various accomplished researches. But still it is strictly advised to consult the physician before consumption.


Book: Truth about Vitamin E Dr Barrie Tan